Male Archetype: The Charmer

Male Archetype: The Charmer
We’ve all known these types. Fun, irresistible, a smooth operator, yet not too responsible or dependable. He might be a playboy or a rogue, but he's doesn ’t commit to a woman easily He's not crazy about hard work, and he might be in sales, or a gambler in the wild west.

Examples of Charmers:

- Ferris Bueller shows what this guy was like in high school.
- Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I
- Cary Grant made his name playing charmers
In romance you can find him in some of Susan Elizabeth Phillips's books - Heaven Texas or Lady Be Good. Light comedy also works well with this hero, so he might appear in Duets, or in Harlequin Americans.

If this guy's trapped in the basement, he'll be smooth. In fact, this fellow might try to talk his way out with the bad guys. Only as a last resort would he do something physical, like break out. Of course, he just might be rescued by an old girlfriend who happens along. After all, he's a playboy and knows everyone!

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