Sinn Method

The Model

(A)(C)(S) (attraction)(comfort)(seduction)

Comfort Stage 1, Superficial Comfort (pre-attraction)

The concept that you can't attract someone who is uncomfortable with your presence. The idea that you didn't creep them out with your presence, you don't look like an ax murderer, they are going to want to talk to you. Make them amenable to the idea of having a conversation.

Comfort Stage 2, Rapport

Getting to know someone. Opening up.

Comfort Stage 3, Sexual Comfort

Comfort in a sexual situation.

Qualification Stage (most important phase)

Compliance and investment. Get the girl to comply and get the girl to invest in the interaction.

1. The Idea of Standards

(fun, cute, can you cook? OMG I can't even talk to you anymore)

2. Compliance

Hey hold this for a second, hey come over here. Asking a question like what would you be if you could be anything in the world with no chance of failure (she won't have that kind of compliance with a bum off the street). Greater compliance = greater attraction, if Bill Gates walks up to you in the street and says hey what's special about you, you're going to be like oh my god, this this and this please give me some money. If a bum asks you the same question, you are going to mace him in the face.

3. Sexual Qualification

You can get girls to qualify themselves sexually. You are qualifying her on her sexuality and moving things forward to increase sexual compliance. Example, what is your favorite place to be kissed.

Passive frame control. Something that you say, where if they don't argue with it, they don't break the frame, it gets said. For example, saying something like 'I am trying to get in your pants' to a girl (CnF) they are going to laugh at that and now the stage is set for the interaction. Now if she doesn't leave, she's given passive permission for me to try to fuck her all night.


You have to continuously give girls qualification and tell them why you like them.

Emotional Stimulation

The thing that gets you the girl, is how you make her feel. Emotional stimulation.

Breaking rapport. (Negging, CnF)

We chase validation from people who break rapport form us, it's something that's hard wired. This is setting up an emotional funnel system that's going to compel her to chase into seduction. (Sinn: I don't do seduction, girls seduce me, the reason is that I break rapport in comfort).

Is she into me?

A lot of game is just a series of tests to figure out how into you a girl is.

To figure out where you are in set: try to qualify, try to move (girls will not move with you if they are not attracted to you). It is the best test. Qualification can be done with a more challenging question, what have you got going for you more then your looks?

Qualification Tests

Small hoops in qualification. A simple yes or no question, if she is just completely uninterested she will say no, something like, are you adventurous, spontaneous, can you cook? She jumps into it, you keep going.

Attraction Tests

IOI's, touches you, asks questions, moves with you. Is liable when you touch her. When you try to pull her in she comes in nice and smooth.

Comfort Tests

Will she tell you about herself easily. Will she open up.


If a girls having fun, she's going to stay. You can break every rule, if she's having fun.

Enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure: "anyone who turns up can join in the fun".


Be positive. It's the emotional equivalent to a guy with big muscles. Girls sees a guy with big muscles, she's like oh, he can protect me. Girl sees a guy who's positive, she's like, oh, he's probably successful. Successful people are positive people.

Be a Rock

If a girl can tell that she just effected your emotional state, she loses all attraction for you. Why? Because men are supposed to be like rocks in the storm. Women are these swirling seas of emotion. Men need to be that strong rock so they have something to latch onto. So they can swirl.

Flinch Points

Don't flinch, success or failure, don't flinch. Be the rock.

It's always on.

Mystery: I can fuck any girl I want, it's always on, even when it isn't. The belief is what matters.

People are friendly and bored in public gatherings. A pickup artist is an entertainer and you're going to have to get comfortable with that attention.

Girls will not qualify themselves unless they are at least somewhat interested. Are you adventurous? Yea! I'm adventurous, keep going. Great, I love adventurous girls, (qualification), but wait are you like PG13 adventurous or are you like rated R? Ok cool maybe we can be friends, what's the most adventurous thing you have ever done? Stack hoops until you get to a large hoop (large hoops would indicated more attraction). Bill gates concept.

Qualification Pinging.

Who are you? And you're special because? If no good, break rapport. Back to attraction material. If jumps through the hoop, no way, I love that (qualify) and move into comfort. Then it's a push pull game of comfort breaking and comfort building. Too much comfort building without any comfort breaking gets boring and feels like a job interview.

Break Rapport, build attraction (can't build attraction in rapport/comfort phase?)

If you start to blow a set, just say, oh my god, I see my friend. Nice meeting you guys, nod and leave. Next set, hey guys, my girlfriend and I are having an argument (false DQ so they will let me touch them as much as I want to make the first set jealous).

Body Language

It's weird if she doesn't like me. Sub-communicate this.

Hoops determine levels of attraction.

Tolerance to social pressure is massively attractive (table diving). The reason is, that the guy who is tolerate to social pressure is generally going to be a leader.

You guys are awesome.

Give value to guys to disarm them.

Hoop Examples:

two medium, two small, 1 large (and you're in comfort) compliance builds momentum. the yes ladder.

Small: (yes or no questions)

are you a good friend, are you adventurous, are you spontaneous, can you cook

Medium: (not yes or no, rapport compliance qualification)

If you could be anything in the world with no chance of failure what would you be, what nationality are you, what are you really passionate about.

Large: (blatantly qualifying questions). All sexual hoops are large hoops (where is your favorite place to be kissed)

Fuck clubs. Get the girl and leave. Have a fun after-club date scenario planned.

There's going be a girl who likes you. Go one for ten in a night and who cares about the nine.

In a club, open a set before you do anything.

Hot girls can smell blood in the water. If you walk up to her and you don't think you can get her, you're done.