The Art of Online Dating

Guys, strait up: I've figured out a combination of techniques which have literally made it possible for me to receive over a couple of hundreds of messages from women in a single day using online dating websites (specifically OKCupid and Plenty of Fish).

These techniques are part presentation (of yourself online), part communication and part technical technique.

Learn HOW to Become the Most Interesting Man on the Internet

Learn how to create the most AMAZING dating profile that will land you dozens and dozens and even hundreds of dates (and I use the word "create" a profile, not just "write" a profile, because so much more goes into it then just writing).

Women WILL contact YOU FIRST because you have one of the most amazing online dating profiles that they have EVER SEEN. Trust me guys, I get comments from women telling me exactly this ALL THE TIME.


Guys, internet dating is not what it used to be. It's not for just geeks anymore, EVERYONE is using it (it's just that not everyone is brave enough to talk about it yet).

Internet dating is the future with roughly 25% of all relationships starting on the internet. Internet dating websites in North America get around 50 million users in a single month! I bet that not all the bars or clubs in North America get THAT many people in a month.

What are you Looking For?

It doesn't matter if you are looking for sexual encounters, love and romance or just some fun. The Art of Online dating covers the quintessential core components for how to interact with women online and how to transition from the internet - to ANYTHING else that you want.

From number close, to Skype date to a coffee date or an intimate evening at your house or hers, bypassing the traditional dating protocol. When you know how to effectively communicate with women online, there is literally nothing that you cannot arrange.

I've arranged dates at 4am in the morning. I've transitionted to high sexual "sexting" within just a few text messages. I've setup dates in other countries and had awesome road trips that ended in great dates, and great memories. Online dating is an adventure guys. It can be whatever you want it to be

What's the Art of Online Dating?

This will be your guidebook in all things online dating.

  • Create a Killer Profile - Learn how to construct one of the BEST online dating profiles on the entire internet (no exaggeration).
  • Opening - Learn how to open the girls that you want so they will respond.
  • Creating Attraction - Learn how to banter and flirt online.
  • Connecting - Learn how to really connect (and learn the proper TIMING for rapport and connection building) with a girl in a way which has her swooning for you.
  • Get 100's of Emails - This may be the best part, learn how I get 100's of emails PER DAY and learn how to do it for yourself.
  • Female Psychology - Learn how women think and what online dating is like for them. Learn how they respond and how to create the response that you want from them.
  • Personal Growth - Guy's, I've packed some great insight into this book, because dating is often about improving yourself as a person and learning how to happier with your dating life. We will get into some inner game material as it relates to online dating and hopefully, help you leave a more confident, relaxed and charming man.
  • Pitfalls - Learn the pitfalls of online dating and how to avoid them!
  • Samples - View sample profiles and sample conversations to really get a good understanding of online game.

Internet Dating Works

Guys, let me tell you something, internet dating works.

You can forget all about meeting women at clubs and bars, you can forget those awkward cold approaches on the street or in a coffee shop. You don't have to settle for the cute girl that you work with, or the barista that works Wednesdays and Fridays at Starbucks.

The world, literally, the entire world of women will become your oyster - when you enter the world of online dating.

Now, I am not suggesting that you should give up every other method of meeting women... because those can be a lot of fun too, all I am saying, is that IF you wanted to, you could... easily (so very easily) give up all other forms of meeting women and still find yourself with more women and more girlfriends then you know what to do with.

The Internet is abundant with women. More women that you would have the opportunity to connect with at some club or bar. Intelligent and beautiful women. Geeky women, business women, goth chicks, Latin girls, bleach blond barbie dolls... basically whatever kind of girl you want to find, she is online somewhere.

And these women won't flake on you the next day after you've worked so hard to get her number the night before. These women are looking to meet men. These women are tired of the club and bar scene and they are looking for real dating opportunities... (well, many are, some are just attention seekers, but we will discuss how to spot those ones later).

Once you master online dating and get really good at that important initial first date... you will literally be able to have anything that you want from the world of women and dating, and, the most entertaining part of it all is, that you won't even have to go out looking for it.

That's it guys, I will say no more. You know the score, my book is available and ready for instant download. Enjoy it guys. Online dating changed my dating life and it's been a hell of a lot of fun.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

  • Internet Dating Works
  • What are you Looking For?
  • Become the Most Interesting Man on the Internet

II. How to Create a Killer Online Dating Profile

  • Content Counts for Nothing, Presentation Counts for Everything
  • Engage her Emotions
  • Put the Effort In
  • Choosing Good Photos
  • Choosing your Main Photo
  • Catch the Eye
  • Get a Second Opinion
  • What does it Mean to be or not be a Woman's Type?
  • Supporting Photos
  • Capture her Emotions
  • Convey your Personality
  • Create the Best Online Dating Photo of All Time
  • Photo Faux Pas
  • Writing your Profile
  • PoF Example Profile Breakdown
  • Writing your Profile - Tell your Story
  • Know Thyself
  • Presentation is Key
  • Refinement
  • Connect Points
  • Hooks
  • Photo Hooks
  • Don't Sell Yourself, Create Intrigue
  • Creating a Persona
  • The 9 Seducer Types
  • The Eight Male Archetypes
  • The Sub Cultures
  • About Me
  • Don't Tell, Demonstrate
  • Youtube Videos

III. Communication

  • Create Emotion
  • Words have Power
  • Don't Ask Questions
  • The Pyschology of Flirting
  • Stimulate Her Emotions
  • Defining Attraction
  • States of Attraction
  • How to Tease a Girl
  • Tease Routines
  • Opening
  • The Best Online Dating Opener
  • The "Who Viewed" Opener
  • Openers
  • Questions
  • Qualifying Her
  • Example Conversations
  • Testing her Attraction Levels
  • Reading Her Interest Levels
  • Routines
  • The Gentleman Routine
  • Stuck for What to Say Next?
  • Re-Openers
  • Write Well
  • Don't Take it Personally

IV. Transitioning

  • Getting Her Phone Number
  • Going on a Date
  • The Spontaneous Date
  • The Booty Call

V. Seduction

  • Seduction
  • Do Women Like Sex?
  • Her Auto-Rejection Response
  • Never Chase and She will Never Run
  • The Sexual Deviant Approach
  • How to Get a Girl to Send you Sexy Pictures of Herself
  • How to Find a Threesome
  • The Harlequin Romance Novel

V. Tips & Tricks

  • Which Internet Dating Website to Use
  • How to Get Hundreds of Emails Per Day
  • Getting Even More Exposure
  • Getting Yet Even More Exposure